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At Xia, we create, curate, and share proven ways micro-business owners (“MBOs”) and stakeholders can thrive at work and at home.


We are excited you are here!

As micro-business owners too, we know first-hand the challenges you contend with every day.

That means we know it is important to stay out of your way while providing access to value-added content, tools, and training solutions that work.

It’s Also About People

That’s why we provide content focusing on becoming stronger leaders, individuals, teams, and families.

We Can Help You and Your Stakeholders


Our free and premium resources help micro-business owners like you build a dream business and lifestyle.

Coming Attractions

We are determined to help you succeed as a micro-business owner.

That means building the business and lifestyle you have imagined.

All on your terms.

Our quest is to create, discover, and deliver quality resources necessary to add value in your business and personal life.

Value-added Features Like These:

Relevant and Engaging Content

Regularly published essays and eBooks covering a range of topics to keep you informed, excited,and productive at work and at home.

Tools We Use

Investing in the correct equipment benefits your business and personal quality of life. Your future self will appreciate it!  That’s why we will openly share the technologies we use, have tried, or are exploring at Xia.

Xia Learning Center

Access to our growing library of courses and tutorials to advance your business and life skills.

Xia MBO Club

The Xia Micro-Business Owner’s (“MBO”) Club will be designed to promote self-confidence for individuals and the collective through a community forum of like-minded people sharing common personal values of freedom, self-reliance, and accountability.

Join up and see for yourself over time how Xia is is rapidly becoming the “Micro-business Owner’s Trusted Authority.”

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